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Memories Are Made Of This thumbnail
Memories Are Made Of This eAudiobook
June Francis / Anne Dover

Young Jeanette Walker often wonders what became of her mother who disappeared without trace during a..

A Family's Duty thumbnail
A Family's Duty eAudiobook
Maggie Bennett / Anne Dover

1938 Britain and Germany are on the brink of war and tension and fear is felt throughout Europe. In ..

Rich Girl Poor Girl thumbnail
Rich Girl Poor Girl eAudiobook
Val Wood / Anne Dover

Polly living in grinding poverty loses her mother in childbirth and finds herself alone on the stree..

There'll be Blue Skies thumbnail
There'll be Blue Skies eAudiobook
Ellie Dean / Annie Aldington

When 16-year-old Sally is evacuated to the English south coast she is terrified by what lies ahead o..

Far From Home thumbnail
Far From Home eAudiobook
Ellie Dean / Julie Maisey

It is 1940 and Staff Nurse Polly Brown has been granted a posting at Cliffehaven Memorial Hospital o..

Keep Smiling Through thumbnail
Keep Smiling Through eAudiobook
Ellie Dean / Julie Maisey

June 1940. Despite losing her mother at a young age and her father away on important war work 17-yea..

Where the Heart Lies thumbnail
Where the Heart Lies eAudiobook
Ellie Dean / Annie Aldington

February 1941. Julie Harris is working in London’s East End as a midwife when a bombing raid destr..

A House by the Sea thumbnail
A House by the Sea eAudiobook
Elvi Rhodes / Anne Dover

Ever since the death of her beloved husband Peter Caroline's life in Bath has not been the same. Fri..

Always in My Heart thumbnail
Always in My Heart eAudiobook
Ellie Dean / Julie Maisey

As the Japanese begin their assault on Singapore Sarah Fuller and her sister Jane are forced to leav..

A Mistletoe Kiss thumbnail
A Mistletoe Kiss eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

Hetty Gilbert is a canal child with no permanent address so when she needs to join the library she c..

Beyond the Blue Hills thumbnail
Beyond the Blue Hills eAudiobook
Katie Flynn / Anne Dover

Laura Collins is struggling to make a good life for her daughters Tess and Tina. So when she is offe..

Mersey View thumbnail
Mersey View eAudiobook
Ruth Hamilton / Marlene Sidaway

Now that her family is grown content in the knowledge that she loves them Lucy Henshaw decides she i..

Escape to London thumbnail
Escape to London eAudiobook
Mary Jane Staples / Annie Aldington

Austria 1938. Anne von Korvacs watches in horror as Hitler's tanks roll through the streets of Vienn..

Celebrations in Burracombe thumbnail
Celebrations in Burracombe eAudiobook
Lilian Harry / Anne Dover

It's the late 1950s and change is in the air. For the Napier family up at the big house the old ways..

Nightingales on Call thumbnail
Nightingales on Call eAudiobook
Donna Douglas / Penelope Freeman

Dora and her old enemy Lucy are paired up on the children's ward for the final three months of their..