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Mirror To Damascus thumbnail
Mirror To Damascus eAudiobook
Colin Thubron / Jonathan Keeble Available 19th November 2019

Described by the author as simply "a work of love", Mirror To Damascus provides an enthralling and f..

The Killer Gun thumbnail
The Killer Gun eAudiobook
Lauran Paine / Jeff Harding Available 19th November 2019

This is the story of spectacular gun, customised so it gives the upper hand in any gun duel, and the..

The Magdalen Martyrs thumbnail
The Magdalen Martyrs eAudiobook
Ken Bruen / Gerry O'Brien Available 19th November 2019

Jack Taylor, traumatised, bitter and hurting from his last case, has resolved to give up the finding..

Thursday Legends thumbnail
Thursday Legends eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce Available 19th November 2019

For Deputy Chief Constable Skinner the Thursday night football game at a local gym has been an unbro..

Gallery Whispers thumbnail
Gallery Whispers eAudiobook
Quintin Jardine / James Bryce Available 19th November 2019

With his boss recovering from a heart attack, Deputy Chief Constable Bob Skinner is filling his shoe..

The Chalk Man thumbnail
The Chalk Man eAudiobook
C.J. Tudor / Andrew Scott & Asa Butterfield Available 23rd November 2019

Looking back, it all started on the day of the fair and the terrible accident. When twelve-year-old ..

Silent Voices thumbnail
Silent Voices eAudiobook
Ann Cleeves / Charlie Hardwick Available 28th November 2019

When DI Vera Stanhope finds the body of a woman in the sauna room of her local gym, she wonders brie..

River Of Darkness thumbnail
River Of Darkness eAudiobook
Rennie Airth / Peter Wickham Available 19th November 2019

It is 1921 and a terrible discovery has been made at a manor house in Surrey - the bloodied bodies o..

A Country Escape thumbnail
A Country Escape eAudiobook
Katie Fforde / Jilly Bond Available 30th November 2019

Fran has always wanted to be a farmer. And now it looks as if her childhood dream is about to come t..

Only Time Will Tell thumbnail
Only Time Will Tell eAudiobook
Jeffrey Archer / Roger Allam Available 15th November 2019

The epic tale of Harry Clifton's life begins in 1920, with the chilling words, "I was told that my f..

Kane And Abel thumbnail
Kane And Abel eAudiobook
Jeffrey Archer / Jason Culp Available 17th November 2019

Kane & Abel for a new generation They had only one thing in common ... William Lowell Kane and Abel..

The Rational Optimist thumbnail
The Rational Optimist eAudiobook
Matt Ridley / L. J. Ganser Available 19th November 2019

Matt Ridley, acclaimed author of the classics Genome and Nature via Nurture, turns from investigatin..

Tara: The Terrier Who Sailed Around The World thumbnail
Tara: The Terrier Who Sailed Around The World eAudiobook
Rosemary Forrester/Robert Forrester / Nicolette McKenzie Available 19th November 2019

Robert arrives in Colombia with a surprise for his wife, Rosemary: Tara, a Jack Russell puppy. Join ..

The Duchess Of Drury Lane thumbnail
The Duchess Of Drury Lane eAudiobook
Freda Lightfoot / Karen Cass Available 17th November 2019

Growing up in a poverty-stricken, fatherless household, Dorothy Jordan overcame her humble beginning..

War Dog thumbnail
War Dog eAudiobook
Damien Lewis / Gordon Griffin Available 19th November 2019

After getting shot down in the skies over France in the winter of 1939, airman Robert Bozdech stumbl..